Leadership in COVID19 — Getting Proximate

Recently during a Facetime call, the person I was chatting with let out the fact that her pandemic life was in-fact pretty great. She is used to working from home, her pandemic-proof business is booming, and the ‘extra’ time has given way to cooking big, indulgent meals. Living in an affluent suburb with big homes, perfectly manicured lawns, and broad sidewalks, she said: “I’m sure someone is suffering, but I just don’t see it.

  • Others shift over time (age, care giving status)
  • History and social dynamics have resulted in segregating that exacerbates inequity
Credit — Dr. Leticia Nieto

Dreamer, Do-er, Dissent-er // All things women and girls, equity and innovation Co-Founder @futurefor_us & Moving Beyond

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